Student Post: Incorporated Land vs Unincorporated Land- What’s the difference?

So, you want to come and live in the United States of America and are all ready to start your new life, but you have one problem. You don’t know where exactly in America you want to live! Well no worries my friend because this blog is going to help you answer some of the essential questions on living in America. Specifically, this blog will be defining incorporated land and unincorporated land. As well as the differences between the two and what the pros and cons are for each one! Making your search for the perfect place to begin anew a breeze! So, without further ado, lets get right into incorporated land and unincorporated land!

Unincorporated land means that the area in which you live is land outside the control of a municipality AKA a town that has a local government of its own. Those who live outside the control of a municipality so therefore in unincorporated land, have no local government to call their own. These citizens, because they live in unincorporated land, receive many of the services that would be provided by a municipal government, from their county government instead.

Incorporated land is of course the opposite of unincorporated land and refers to land that is under the control of a municipality. People who live in incorporated land have officials directly representing them. These people also receive services from their own local town government rather than the county one. There are of course pros and cons to each of the two and it is important to look at these when making a decision on where to live.

Living in unincorporated land is task more challenging than most would assume, but it is not without its rewards either. Living in unincorporated land gives you more freedom to do what you wish with your property AKA there are much fewer regulations. Many people start their own farms or homesteads simply because they can. Others can more easily create self-sustainable homes. With solar power and wind power being much easier to install due to the absence of government regulations and oversight. On the downside however, the time you will have to wait for essential services such as firefighters and police will be much higher. This is due to the same absence of government that enables the pros of living in unincorporated land.

Living in incorporated land you will find yourself under more stringent government regulations, codes, and guidelines. You will have less of an ability to live how you as an individual might like. However, you will have speedy services the likes of which unincorporated land could never hope to see. You will also never have to worry about your neighbor starting a smelly pig farm the next house over or any other type of farm for that matter.

In conclusion, when it comes to unincorporated land and incorporated land the benefits of both are quite clear cut. For those of you who enjoy being off the grid and being able to have a bit more freedom with a bit less safety then the unincorporated land lifestyle is the one for you. If however, you’re more of a rules and safety type of person then the incorporated land with the local government is the one you want!

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